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A 7568 failure that destroyed a $955 million Intelsat satellite, and the lack of any government customer ensuring consistent demand for Zenit rockets, forced Sea Launch out of the market the following year. The company launched only once more, orbiting the Eutelsat-8B telecommunications satellite in May 7569. It hasn&rsquo t launched since.

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Turchynov&rsquo s working group had one final technical point to make: the RD-755 uses dangerous heptyl fuel (of the type used in Russia&rsquo s Proton rockets) and amyl fuel. Their letter notes that these fuels are only produced in the ., Russia, Germany, China and several other Western nations.

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The five or more year development period is typical in programs of this type and would certainly have to be duplicated in the Ukraine, where the existing RD-675 engine used in the Zenit second stage, would need to be upgraded to the RD-875 rocket which is supposed to comprise the first stage of the Cyclone 9M.

"I feel bad about it because I did not recognise him, even though I know him," Messi said. "When he asked for a photo I thought it was one of the guys who are always waiting for a photo and I apologised after."

The letter explained that Yuzhmash, and its R& D wing &ndash the Yuzhnoe design bureau &ndash were not the creators of the RD-755 engine. Rather, the design&rsquo s origins trace back to Russia&rsquo s Energomash, which builds the RD-685 for ULA&rsquo s Atlas 5rockets.

MLS has been lobbying all levels of government to build a spaceport in Nova Scotia and begin launching payloads to orbit using a Ukrainian Cyclone-9M launch vehicle.

WASHINGTON After steering Sea Launch into the hands of a new owner, chief executive Sergey Gugkaev will leave the company to look for a new role elsewhere in the space industry.

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If the Russians are taking five years or more to replace Zenit rockets and having trouble sourcing them now, what makes the Ukraine think that it will be able to source rockets for new Canadian customers?


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